Ted Hammerman AKA “Mr. Fish”

Ted Hammerman has a vast history in the seafood industry.  He has sold fishing gear, invented and marketed fish traps, exported fresh flounder and tuna to Japan, consulted to the Fao (branch of the U.N. in Sri Lanka), as well as owns seafood restaurants along with wholesale and retail seafood operations.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from USC Columbia, South Carolina. A Bachelor of Arts Vocational Degree from Rutgers University and two teaching certificates in Vocational Education. Ted was accredited the HAACP Certificate and stick welding certificate.

Ted has also been a Global Fish Director and Director of Fish Production for Phillips Foods. He set up a fish processing operation in Sulawesi, Indonesia where he taught people how to cut fish, set up processing procedures and worked with the fisherman to instruct them on the most effective ways to fish to be successful.

He took a failing fish operation in Pasuruan, Indonesia to a successful operation in just two months. Ted organized and created a fresh vacuum packed fillet operation for wholesalers in Australia. This in turn led him to open up fish processing facilities in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, East Malaysia, Ecuador and Oman. He has performed surveys in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Sr Lanka and Bahrain to ascertain bio masses of demersal and pelagic species to verify whether there was substantial landings to make the harvest of such species a viable entity for commercial processing.

Ted has a vast experience in the seafood industry and has been all over the world with his expertise. He can educate and train staff of various aspects of the industry. He even knows different types of cold smoking processes such as cold smoking tuna.

As an incredibly talented and educated man Ted didn’t stop there. He now has invented an oyster shucker and potato cutter that is now offered for sale to the public. Check it out!

Ted “Mr. Fish” also has a great personality and sense of creativity as well with his well known quotes like:
“Stay Fishy My Friends” | “Fish Fear Him…Women Adore Him” | “Mr.Fish sez..We put a splash in your glass and a FISH on your dish”

Mr. Fish has definitely left an impression on the seafood industry all over the world and will continue to do so while operating his restaurant and seafood market here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



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