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Mr. Fish Equipment

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Oyster Shucker

The oyster shucking machine is an air operated machine invented by Mr. Fish himself.  The machine has a backstop that moves forward and back to accommodate different size oysters and clams.  Once adjusted properly the top shell of the oyster will pop off, leaving the bottom with the meat attached.  The machine will shuck a dozen oysters per minute.  Made of stainless steel and heavy grade aluminum all welded together.  All that is necessary is a small air compressor or in our case at Mr. Fish, since we have a bulk tank of Co2 , we ran a line from the tank to the machine.

Check out the YouTube Video Of The Oyster Shucker Built By Mr. Fish

Potato Cutter

The potato cutter is air operated. It will cut potato wedges and french fries in various sizes of 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/8”. This is a must have for any restaurant establishment preparing fresh cut french fries. It helps with food preparation time and assists with keeping a clean and safe kitchen.

Check out the YouTube Video Of The Potato Cutter Built By Mr. Fish

Vacuum Packaging Machine – ONLY 1 LEFT!

Designed for large fish or big meat items.
Includes three sealer bars

Fish Scaling Machine – ONLY 1 LEFT!

Brand New all stainless steel.
Made In Sweden
Still using ours, very durable, been using ours 5 years.

Mr. Fish Says

“You can’t live on wishes but you can live on fishes!”

We Offer Catering

Mr. Fish offers catering for weddings, events, parties. Click Here for more

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