SC Weekend came back for another feature after the fun we had learning how to eat crab legs with Halley! This time, we took it a bit further and learned how to eat blue crab without wasting meat, an important life lesson if you live in Myrtle Beach or love to visit!

Halley: “Even the most experienced seafood connoisseur might be stumped when it comes to eating blue crabs, and today, Mr. Fish himself is going take the guess work out of it. Mr. Fish, how’s it going?”

Mr. Fish: “I’m trying to stay fishy.”

Halley: “As long as you’re not crabby, right?”

Mr. Fish: “Well, today’s gonna be crabby.”

Tools to Get That Blue Crab Goodness

Halley: “We’re gonna be crabby today and this time we need more than just our hands. Right? What tools will we need to eat blue crab?”

Mr. Fish: “I’m mean, granted, God gave us hands. The reason why he gave us hands was to feed ourselves. For this process, we need your hammer of course.”

Halley: “This looks serious.”

Mr. Fish: “This is very serious. You’ll see, we’re gonna use the knife for the carve.”

First Step: Start With the Hot Pouch

Halley: “You might be a little intimidated when you see a whole crab come out, right? What is the first step when this comes out?”

Mr. Fish: “So I call this pot hot pouch.

The reason why God gave you thumbs is because he wanted you to eat crabs.”

Halley: “Of course.”

Mr. Fish: “You see the fat there, now that fat’s pretty good. But we’ll let it cool down. There’s a lot this that’s edible. The gills you pull out. It just crunchy.

Then you rock, again with the thumbs. You break it. All this is very edible.”

Halley: “Now, what is all this stuff?”

Mr. Fish: “Well, that’s his digestive tract.”

Halley: “Okay. So I don’t wanna eat that.”

Mr. Fish: “Well, I just did.”

Halley: “Oh, so that, I can eat that?”

Mr. Fish: “I mean there are lots of things you can do in your life that you haven’t done before!

Now that’s his intestine.”

Halley: “Oh Gosh.”

Mr. Fish: “You can see how clean he’s been living.”

Halley: “He’s, he’s been a healthy crab. Way to go, Mr. Crab!”

The Claw Meat, How the Marylanders Do It

Mr. Fish: “We’re on the claw now. Your claw’s bigger. You break it on the joint.”

The Marylanders whack it right there. That’s the sweet spot.”

Halley: “It’s so good. Well, one thing’s for sure, it was well worth the work. So delicious, Mr. Fish. Thank you so much for showing us how to eat blue crab here today.”

Mr. Fish: “Crabalicious.”

Halley: “It was crabalicious. Stay crabby Mr. Fish.”

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Mr. Fish: “Stay fishy, my friends!”