Crackin’ Crab Legs Without Missing A Bite

If missing any morsel of crab leg goodness keeps you up at night, watch SC Weekend’s interview with Mr. Fish himself on how to get the most out of those sneaky crustaceans. Ted Hammerman, owner of Mr. Fish Restaurant and Seafood Market, shares his secret with Halley Murrow from SC Weekend to cracking crab legs and finding all the tasty meat with a step-by-step demonstration.

*Psst! We won’t even judge if you watch it at the table so you can get every last bite of our delicious crab legs.

Take some notes and get crackin’!

Halley Murrow interviewing Mr. Fish restaurant owner at a table

Follow Along With Our Fishy Interview

Halley: “South Carolina crab legs are considered a delicacy and the last thing you want to do is waste any of the meat. Today we’re going to learn the proper way to crack your crab legs and we’re going to learn it all from Mr. Fish himself. Hey, Mr. Fish! How are you doing?”

Mr. Fish: “Good. Are you feeling crabby today?”

Halley: “I am so crabby today! Are you ready to get cracking?”

Mr. Fish: “Crabby is good!”

Mr. Fish demonstrating how to use hands to crack crab legs

No Tools Necessary – Except Your Hands!

Mr. Fish: “Now, I guess you’re wondering where the tools are. Because you could be on a deserted island and not have any tools, right?”

Halley: “Okay, so we only need our hands!”

Mr. Fish showing how to crack crab leg joints

Step 1: Take Joints Apart. Remove Cartilage.

Mr. Fish: “First, take the joints apart. We’ll come back to these.”

Step 2: Slowly Crack the Largest End in the Middle.

Mr. Fish: “Next, you need to crack – you hear that snap? And then down.”

Halley: “Ooh!”

Step 3: Slowly Pull Crab Meat Out.

Mr. Fish: “Now slowly pull the meat out. And gently caress it.
A lot of people don’t eat this part. If you do it like this, you get more of the meat, see?

Then you take off the last joint.”

Halley Murrow and Mr Fish laughing during crab legs eating demonstration

Step 4: Nom.

Halley: “So the key really is making sure that you unlock each joint. So you have to do it in a particular order, it sounds like. Starting at the top, right?”

Mr. Fish: “There’s a method to crabby madness. A lot of times, people will order crab legs and then ask, ‘How do I eat them?’ Or they’ll labor over them or dig at them or grab a knife.”

“There’s a method to crabby madness.”
– Mr. Fish

Halley: “You don’t have to do that, right?”

Mr. Fish: “No, put down the knife. All you have to do is snap and then down.”

Halley: “Okay. So it’s all about the down motion.”

Mr. Fish: “Yes, this way, it breaks loose from the shell.”

Mr Fish Says, Don’t Waste the Body Meat!

Mr. Fish: “This is the carapace.”

Halley: “Biology lesson!”

Mr. Fish: “Once you expose that meat, you can bite into it. And that’s why you have front teeth!” *Not scientifically proven. Yet.

Halley: “Just to eat that meat, right?”

Mr. Fish: “Yep! And most of all, we want everyone to stay fishy!”

Halley: “Stay fishy, my friends! Thank you so much, Mr. Fish! And thank you to everyone for watching. Stay tuned to SC Weekend for more great tips!”

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