After the last demonstration on SC Weekend on ”How to Eat Blue Crab Without Wasting Meat,” they came back for more! This time, Mr. Fish shows Halley the secret to a tasty low-country boil, the deliciousness of roe, and how to tell your shrimp is fresh!

Halley: In any coastal community, a low country boil is great to enjoy with friends. And here at Mr. Fish in Myrtle Beach, you guys like to put a local twist on this old favorite. Right, Mr. Fish?

Mr. Fish: Absolutely. We keep it interesting. You know, keep it vibrant. Keep it different, you know?

The Secret to Our Low-Country Boil: Local, Fresh Seafood

Halley: So tell us what is in your low-country boil.

Mr. Fish: We really lean on local and sustainable stuff first. The only thing that is not local is the Alaskan snow crab, of course.

Halley: This looks so good. And I see the heads are still on.

Mr. Fish: The last time we shot this, you ate crab guts.

Halley: I did.

Mr. Fish: And do you know why we suck the heads? Because there’s a lot of flavor and there’s roe.

Halley: And what is roe?

Mr. Fish: Roe is after they got done making little baby shrimps, they had a couple of eggies left over.

Halley: Like caviar?

Mr. Fish: Absolutely. You’re pulling all that fat out.

Halley: Are we supposed to eat it?

Mr. Fish: Well, yeah. You pull the head back like that.

Halley: You must have an extra special low country boil. I have never seen chicken in a low country boil before, but I’m so excited about this.

How to Tell Your Shrimp is Fresh

Mr. Fish: We were talking about shrimp earlier. This is the local shrimp that we’re eating today. And this came from McClellanville South Carolina two days ago.

Halley: Oh wow. You can taste how fresh it is.

Mr. Fish: Right, and if you notice that his legs are a little bit red and pinkish. Why is that? Well, it’s because a full moon and the king tides, they were on the move.

Halley: Now this one, this one could have ran a marathon if they wanted to.

Mr. Fish: This one, he said, “Man, there’s happy hour right down the street. Come on.”

Halley: He was headed to Mr. Fish.

Mr. Fish: He was headed to Mr. Fish, maybe get a clam juice cocktail.

Halley: Couldn’t find the Mr. Fishmobile anywhere.

Good Shrimp vs. Bad Shrimp: What You Should Know

Halley: This is super fresh. You guys always have super fresh stuff here.

Mr. Fish: Exactly.

Halley: But if it wasn’t, what would it look like?

Mr. Fish: That would be very dark. Even if the head was gone, just look at the tails, and the tails tell all.

Halley: Mr. Fish, we did some damage.

Mr. Fish: As we say it, “We put a hurt on it.”

Halley: We put a hurt on it. It was so good. So when you’re ready to enjoy a low country boil like none you’ve ever had, be sure to stop in here at Mr. Fish in Myrtle Beach.

Mr. Fish: Exactly. Boys and girls, you can’t live on wishes, but you can live on fishes. Stay fishy!