If you cater or host events and find it difficult to keep your food at a proper, even temperature, you have to check out our one-of-a-kind chafing dish, custom designed for serving food in just about any environment – even outdoors!

Designed for Catering & Hosting Events

Mr. Fish invented this Bain-marie buffet-style chafing dish himself to keep food at the perfect temperature in almost any condition! It even gives off enough heat to boil water or cook food if needed. The flam is wind-resistant so you can keep your food nice and toasty even outdoors!

This chafing dish is also equipped with a thermocouple. If the flame does somehow go out, the gas flow stops making them even safer than traditional chafing dishes. Perfect for restaurants, caterers, and anyone who hosts events and wants to make sure the food stays perfectly warm and delicious!

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“Cold food is great! SAID NO ONE EVER!”

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