Myrtle Beach is slowly approaching the end to an amazing summer. We’ve have enjoyed serving so many visitors and locals and hearing about everything our customers love in their reviews and the featured articles that have so kindly focused the spotlight on our restaurant and seafood market.



Featured as a Top 10 Myrtle Beach Restaurant From Trekbible

Trekbible sent us this great feature naming Mr. Fish among the best 10 restaurants in Myrtle Beach!

“Market offering a large selection of seafood including whole & filleted fish plus soft-shell crabs. Ever since 1994, Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant has kept customers coming back. Now a popular Myrtle Beach seafood restaurant and fish market, this joint now offers a full seafood menu.

We highly recommend the steamed or fried shrimp and oysters. You can also order appetizers and specialty rolls from the sushi menu or swing by for happy hour on the beach. Next door, the Mr. Fish Seafood Market offers a place to order fresh, local fish and seafood. Stop by for a great time and stay for the fun environment and amazing eats.”


Latest Google Reviews

“I would give this place 10 stars!! The food was awesome! Very fast service. And they are able to accommodate my gluten-free diet. I had the haddock fish blackened with a loaded baked potato and house salad with apple cider vinaigrette. It was so yummy! We will be back next summer when we come for vacation!”

  • Brandy Oleary, August 24th Local Guide

“One of our favorite local restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. We stop here every time and they never disappoint.”

  • Quietta, August 13th Local Guide


“Excellent seafood and service, don’t forget to leave room for dessert.”

  • Victor Lockwood, August 10th Local Guide


“On vacation and was looking for a good seafood restaurant. We walked in and were seated immediately. So hard to decide what to order since there were so many choices! Didn’t have to wait long for our meals (5 of us). Everything was delicious and the service was terrific. Great value on top of it all! Would definitely recommend anyone to eat here and I’ll certainly come back when I’m in Myrtle Beach!”

  • Michele, August 6th


“Chose to go here because of the reviews and menu. So glad I did. The food was fantastic. From start to finish, I was highly satisfied with all of the staff and service I received. Their she-crab soup was by far the best I’ve ever had. So much fresh crab, and the taste was to die for! I’ll definitely be coming back in the future! Great job to all of the employees!”

  • Nate, August 6th Local Guide


“We came here on a whim and were not disappointed. Everything we had to eat was amazing. The staff was super nice and made us feel at home. I will be coming back to eat here every time we visit myrtle beach from now on.”

  • James, August 4th Local Guide

Latest Facebook Reviews From Our Awesome Customers

“Awesome food! Great service. It’s an inviting, relaxing atmosphere. We will be back.”

  • June, August 9th


“…I have never had a bad meal here and portions are unbelievably large for the price. Service has always been more than on point. Went tonight for Happy Hour and food and service was no exception. Lexie waited on us and even though she had a bar full of people and other tables, we still got exceptional service. Happy hour prices were awesome and portions were large…”

  • Shelly, August 5th


I recommend Mr.Fish Restaurant if you love seafood! Their sushi is amazing and so is their old bay steamed shrimps. We’ll usually get a pound or so of old bay shrimp for an appetizer and then load up on sushi rolls! ???? We never go to Myrtle Beach without getting food there.”

  • Meghan, August 2nd


Have You Seen This Yet?

Play-by-Play Experience by Mr. Myrtle

Mr. Myrtle gave a wonderful play-by-play of his experience at Mr. Fish and we love the video he shared of his visit. And his quote about the wasabi sauce was especially memorable!

“I’d pour that [blackberry wasabi sauce] on anything. You can pour that on cardboard and I’d eat it.”

“This is Mr. Fish. This is a staple for myrtle beach residents here. The locals love this place. It is a seafood, sushi, surf and turf restaurant. What’s really cool is that through that wall over there, they have their own fresh fish market. The fish there is what they use in the restaurant here.

There is art on the wall. You can actually purchase from local artists. That’s cool!

What we have here is the blackened tuna sandwich. Good cut of tuna. And over here, we have fried shrimp. And the sauce is called ‘boom, boom sauce.’ It’s supposed to be slightly spicy. These plates are actually fish shaped.

The sauce that came with the sandwich is blackberry wasabi. It smells fantastic. I can’t wait to try it! Over there is the fish market, so you can actually go and buy fish by the pound, crab legs, all that good stuff.

Mr. Fish. There’ll be two parameters that I’ll judge this by 1. Whether or not I’d come back and 2. Whether or not I’d order what I ordered again. The sandwich was fantastic. The thing that made it so great was the blackberry wasabi sauce that came on it. I’d pour that on anything. You can pour that on cardboard and I’d eat it. So that being said, I would definitely order that dish again and I will definitely be coming back here.

So this restaurant, Mr. Fish – huge thumbs up! If you’re not from around here, when you come and visit, come to Mr. Fish! This place is fantastic!”

Thank you, Mr. Myrtle! Love your detailed review!